Yesterday was the worst day ever for delays on the BART system.

  • Person(s) on the track at Bayfair
  • Equipment problem in San Francisco
  • Downed Power lines in West Oakland.

Any one of these would cause significant delays on their own, 2 of them would cause serious delays. But all three at the same time is an unmitigated disaster.

This photo was taken by Twitter user @sfpeter. It shows the crowd waiting on the platforms in Lake Merrit Station in Oakland around 8:30am, just after the Transbay Tube had been closed.

I arrived to Millbrae station at 8:00am to see the  BART pull out as I was walking towards the station. Not a good start to the day. Had to wait on the platform with hundreds others and the Bart finally arrived about 30 mins later. Everyone clambered on.

Then they announced the closure of the Transbay Tube. A lot of people got off the train. A few mins later and the announcement came that out BART would only go to “at least Daly City “. I jumped ship at this stage with many others.

Made it as far as the Caltrain platform and was waiting there. With everyone else. ON the plus side of things, it is a much nicer journey on the Caltrain and Streetcar to downtown than the mostly underground journey on the BART.